Who Uses Sea Freight?

Each mode of transport is most efficient for different types of shipments. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to import goods, sea freight is most cost-efficient; however, it takes the longest amount of time. Air freight and courier services are both far quicker (usually around 3-6 days delivery time) but, due to smaller vehicles, the space inside is priced at a premium, so they’re both expensive.


Time and Duration

Typically, there will be around a week at each end of the process on top of your time on water. For example, if you’re importing from central China, the time on water may be 30 days – but you’ll need to add two weeks onto those 30 days for customs in both countries.

Major Cause of Delays

The main delays will usually occur when importers don’t have all the necessary documentation, or their goods are held up at customs.  Plus, if you’re shipping with us over at Airwatercargo, we help you get all your ducks in a row and assist with your documentation.

Special Services

  • Transportation and Logistics

    Airwatercargo built its reputation on a perfect control of its jobs by the organization of the international and local transport and the logistics.

  • Customer Service

    Our teams, scrupulous on the quality of service provided, watch the everyday life to propose a custom-made service whatever is the reserved mode of transport.

  • Ease of Moving items

    Thanks to our own team, we can organize easily your entrances and brought out of your containers of the harbor terminals on the port of Lagos.

Special Solutions

We manage your imports and exports according to your schedules of transport with the aim of minimizing your costs of car park. All the orders of movements are drawn by computer.

  • Taken for reefers containers.
  • Landing of containers and manipulation of big parcel by means of cranes 44 tons.
  • Fumigation of your goods.