Insure Your Cargo Through our Insurance Partner

Cargo insurance pays the value of shipments, up to coverage limits, when shipments are lost or damaged. Businesses that ship goods need cargo insurance, but those with infrequent shipments can get coverage for single shipments. Small business owners typically insure cargo through the shipper. This usually costs $.60 per $100 of the shipment’s insured value.

Easy & Convenient

If your business is making cargo shipments, whether regularly or not, you should make sure those valuable goods are protected in case of unexpected damage or losses. To simplify getting coverage, reach out to us to find a reliable insurance broker that will shop and compare policies from top carriers to get you proper coverage fast.

Safe & Secure

Freight insurance covers shipped goods when they’re transported via land, sea, or air. It pays the value of lost or damaged shipments up to coverage limits, minus the deductible. Policies can be purchased by the seller, the buyer, or even the shipping company. Usually, the party with the greatest financial investment gets freight insurance coverage.

Special Services

  • Import & Export documentation services.

    We help our customers to prepare the relevant import & export documents such as CRI, Form “m”, Letter of credit. Nafdac & Insurance certificates e.t.c. to facilitate the speedy shipment and delivery of cargo to the customers; warehouses

  • Special Services.

    We assist our customers’ to source for export products and carry out market survey in Nigeria.

  • Import & export consultancy services.

    Import & export consultancy services: We offer technical advice on import & export. We evaluate our customers instructions according to our expertise & professionalism. And only when our report has been approved before we engage the carrier on behalf of our customers.

Special Solutions

We understand that certain shipments require more than just the standard shipping from one point to another, which is why we offer our extra services with global reach and local knowledge to compliment your forwarding and wider supply chain needs.

What Freight & Cargo Insurance Covers

Common triggers for cargo insurance include:

  • Natural disaster
  • Vehicle accidents
  • Acts of war
  • Piracy
  • Cargo abandonment
  • Customs rejection

When a covered event causes damage to your shipment, cargo insurance pays up to the amount you insured it for, minus your deductible.